Sala delle Compere

A majestic room built to purpose in the XVI century by San Giorgio Bank to host the Great Council with 400 members.

Statues of the Bank Protectors line the walls in two rows of marble, one above the other. Paintings by Domenico di Piola, Francesco De Ferrari and Lucchino da Milano are also hung there.

The nearby Atrium is also within reach of the hall, a space furnished with tables which can be used as guest registration desks or for serving welcome coffee.

Dimensions: 26.71 x 17.66 x 18 m

Seats: max 250

Uses: conferences, workshops, celebrations, exhibitions and sociocultural events

Equipment available: sound amplification system, fixed and wireless microphones

N.B: The hall is located on the first floor of San Giorgio Palace without access to elevators or hoists.



Sala delle Compere Plan