Sarpom S.R.L

Via Torcello, 1 - 17047 Quiliano (SV)
Tel. +39 019 2307 113
Fax +39 019 2307 160

In the Vado Ligure harbour, Sarpom operates a buoy field located around 0.7 miles from the coast, where oil tankers up to 316,000 tons DWT can moor.

Two underwater pipelines convey the oil to 7 on-shore tanks (overall capacity 360,000 m3) from where it reaches the Trecate refinery, through a 146 km 20” oil pipeline.

Over 7 million t of crude oil are unloaded each year from an average of 80 ships coming from various loading harbours.

BERTH Vado Ligure harbour, buoy field (depth 36 m)
STORAGE AREA 5 x 40,000 m3 tanks
2 x 80,000 m3 tanks
OPERATING CAPACITY ship tonnage up to 316,000 t DWT