Monfer S.P.A

Banchina Boselli - Zona 26 Porto - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 8489298
Fax +39 019 8385245

Monfer is a leading company in the trade of grains, oil seeds and byproducts, with headquarters in Cuneo and several storage facilities throughout Northern Italy, for distribution to the domestic market.

Monfer’s terminal in the port of Savona is located on the Darsena Alti Fondali and specialises in unloading, loading and storage of agribulk, by-products and general cargo with a railway link.

The terminal is also equipped with a vegetable oil and bio-diesel unloading and storage system with a capacity of 13,000 m3.

The 390 m long berth, thanks to the depth reaching 15.5 m, allows the mooring of cape-size ships.

QUAY port of Savona, zone 26/27 (length 393 m, depth 15.5 m)
STORAGE AREA indoor 15,000 sqm (storage capacity 80,000 t)
PORT EQUIPMENT 2 quay cranes for bulk and general cargo
WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT automated truck and wagons re-loading system
OPERATING CAPACITY handling potential 500,000 t/year; unloading rate 700 t/h loading rate 300 t/h
ships up to 60,000 t DWT