The Dunes of Pra': completed phase 1

Dune di Pra': completata la fase 1

The President of the Port Authority, Paolo Emilio Signorini, and the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, accompanied by the local Councillor for Port Development of the City of Genoa, Francesco Maresca, inspected the Dunes site along the south bank of the Port of Prà Canal to view the progress of the construction works underway in the new Urban Park.

The creation of a "linear" landscaped garden is part of the far-reaching redevelopment programme of Prà and is designed to function as a visual screen and noise barrier between the port and the westside residential area of Genoa. Following the completion of the Dunes 1st phase of the project, specifically, the new promenade lined with trees, plans are now afoot to embark upon the Dunes 2nd phase which calls for the creation of 10/15-metre high dunes, integrating the port to the urban fabric across a lush green area. Construction works, set to commence by the second quarter of the year, are scheduled for completion by the spring of 2022 and will create a new public urban recreational space open to residents for leisure and sports activities.

The Ports of Genoa President, Paolo Emilio Signorini, declared, "The Dunes project features amongst a wide range of plans to boost port-city integration, implemented by the Port Authority and the local Regional and City administrations, to enhance the quality of the environment in the residential areas which sit alongside the Port of Genoa: landscaped spaces designed to mitigate noise pollution, cold ironing and the redevelopment of derelict areas along the waterfront will impact significantly upon an improvement in the quality of life of residents and in a heightened perception of the overall strategic importance of the port for the city of Genoa."

The Dunes of Pra' project is part of the investment programme for the recovery and the development of the port (ex. art.9 bis Emergency Decree for Genoa Law n. 130/2018).

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