Bettolo Terminal: storage tanks demolished successfully

Terminal Bettolo: conclusa demolizione dei serbatoi ENI - ESSO

The demolition of the five ENI - ESSO oil storage tanks located alongside the terminal quay in the Sampierdarena basin represents an important step towards the completion of the next phase in the extension of the Bettolo Genoa Mediterranean Gateway Terminal, with the incorporation of an additional area of 60 metres at the service of the new container handling facility.

The new Bettolo Terminal expansion will equip the port facility with a total operational area of 200,000 sqm along a 650-metre quay line, in compliance with the project for the Completion of the new Bettolo Genoa Mediterranean Gateway Terminal (P.3105), part of the strategic Port of Genoa Investment Programme.

The following phase foresees the completion of the installation of the hydraulic and electric power network and a safety barrier for the prevention of fuel spillage alongside the adjacent Mineral Oils Terminal. In addition, the demolition works will lay the groundwork for the construction of the new Mineral Oils berth (P.2933) across the reconfiguration of the quay to provide the barges and bulk carriers with a wide basin ensuring safe access to the terminal.

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