Maiden call in Genoa of world’s largest yacht carrier

4 October 2022 - The flagship purpose-built semi-submersible vessel, YACHT SERVANT, operated by DYT Superyacht Transport of the Spliethoff Group, called at the IMT-Messina Terminal in Genoa on her maiden voyage from Italy. The newbuild heavy-load carrier is scheduled to offer a regular liner service between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, with Genoa, assisted by the Multimarine Services shipping agency of the Finsea Group, reconfirmed as the main DYT hub in Europe and in the Med.

With a LOA of 213.70 m, a 46 m beam, a 4.6 m draft and a 6,380 sqm deck, the YACHT SERVANT has doubled the capacity of her predecessors, thereby facilitating the transport of an increased number of vessels per crossing, including deep-draft sailing yachts. The ship is also 32% more fuel efficient and the vessel’s additional capabilities, - onboard cranes, reduced board draft and increased submerged draft – open up a new range of services for yacht owners.

At the maiden call ceremony, organised on board the YACHT SERVANT, the Port President Paolo Emilio Signorini underlined the timely-decision-making on the part of DYT in its assessment of the current market situation: “The right decision at the right time: the yachting industry is booming and stable; the right area: the Mediterranean, together with the Caribbean, is the top shipping destination for maxi-yachts; the right port: Genoa is investing heavily in the full range of services in support of the yachting industry, such as refitting and construction facilities, and in meeting the ongoing challenges posed by global carrier upsizing.”


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