New Vado Ligure breakwater - 1st Phase

Codice opera: P.742
Titolo progetto: The construction of the new Vado Ligure breakwater - 1st Phase
posizione geografica-progetti:
Stato di avanzamento:
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Importo complessivo: €80,000,000
Attività in corso:
  • , Works in progress
Data inizio lavori: 2021-12-23
Data fine lavori: 2025-05-31
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Annualità: 2019-01-01

The new Vado Ligure breakwater is designed to protect the port basin and terminal facilities and to improve maritime accessibility. The first phase of the project foresees the construction of 450 metres of the breakwater, at 35/49 metres below sea level, with the expansion of the turning basin by approximately 150 m to cater for ultra-large ships to manoeuvre in full safety towards the Multipurpose Platform and the adjacent ferry/ro-ro terminals.

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