Rail link upgrade from Bettolo Terminal and PSA SECH Terminal to Campasso Rail Yard (Molo Nuovo Tunnel)

Codice opera: P.2930
Titolo progetto: Upgrade of the Campasso rail yard infrasctucture (Molo Nuovo Tunnel)
posizione geografica-progetti:
Stato di avanzamento:
Start Works 
End Works 
Importo complessivo: €17,800,000.00
Attività in corso:
  • , Design in progress
  • Start Date Preparatory Works, July 2021 (track demolition)
  • Start Date, February 2023
  • Completion Date, December 2024
  • , images/Progetti_logo_affidatari/Micos_Loghi.jpg, RTI Micos
Annualità: 2019-01-01

Upgrade of the direct on-terminal rail links from Bettolo and PSA SECH, with the construction of a double-track line between San Benigno/Bettolo and S. Limbania across the Molo Nuovo Tunnel. Works include the installation of a new signalling system, in compliance with the Rail Safety National Agency standards, and a new electric rail traction system.

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