Genoa-Sestri shipyard expansion: real-time ship simulations in Wallingford

A Ports of Genoa working group at the HR Wallingford Ship Simulation Centre for real-time vessel navigation simulations of the future newbuilds planned at the mega-drydock currently under construction at the Genoa-Sestri Ponente shipyard.

The studies conducted at the UK Ship Simulation Centre are designed and executed to evaluate the future layout of vessel accessibility and navigation in the Genoa-Sestri Ponente shipyard. Plans are afoot to expand the area and build a new 440-metre drydock to cater for the construction of ultra-large ships.

The 27 analyses carried out simulated, in real-time, vessel navigation in/out of the new shipyard on the part of two classes of ships, 380 and 315-metres long, in response to varying degrees of wind, waves and currents. The manoeuvring simulation system also allowed for potential emergency situations which may require the newbuilds to return to the shipyard following trials out at sea.

View the video of the simulations conducted.