Vado Ligure Intermodal Terminal railyard optimisation


Beneficiary: VIO Intermodal Operator SpA

With the aim to improve the efficiency of railway transport between the port of Vado Ligure and the European hinterland, the existing railway facilities have been rearranged by improving the operating area, revamping the rail facilities and extending tracks up to the maximum size compatible with the available spaces. Finally, the rail gate portal has been installed over the track along the Intermodal Terminal railway link, for the automated control of train flows. Today a three-track railyard with a working length of 450 meters is operating, able to handle a traffic of 8 couples of trains per day. Works have started on July 1, 2017 and were completed on July 31, 2018. Specifically, the following works were implemented: Rearrangement of the railyard

  • three 450 m new operating tracks
  • Revision of connecting tracks
  • New switches and bumpers

Auxiliary works

  • Terminal Paving
  • Terminal lighting and drainage system
  • Noise fences
  • Rail Gate equipped with traffic control devices
  • Rail Gate Automation System