Sestri Ponente Airport Truck Park (P.3131)

The project foresees the expansion and redevelopment of the current car park, located alongside the Genoa Airport runway, as a temporary truck park at the service of the Port of Genoa. The 6000-sqm area is to be repaved and installed with a water treatment plant and a new lighting system.

(Last refresh date 05.05.2022)

Project Code P.3131
Project title Sestri Ponente Airport Truck Park
Project status
Start Works 
End Works 


Project status key TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, DD = Detailed Design, ED = Executive Design, activity completed  Activity completed activity in progress  Activity in progress  
Project value €1,000,000.00
Current activities WORKS COMPLETED
Commencement date of construction works 2021-11-15
Completion date of construction works 2022-02-15
Contractor I.L.S.E.T.