Maritime maintenance (P.3080)

The project foresees civil engineering maintenance works in the port basins of Genoa, Prà, Savona and Vado Ligure.

(Last refresh date 04.10.2022)

Project Code P.3080
Project title Maritime maintenance
Project status
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Project status key TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, DD = Detailed Design, ED = Executive Design, activity completed  Activity completed activity in progress  Activity in progress  
Project value € 3,068,240.87
Current activities WORKS COMPLETED
Contractor I.C.A.M. Fratelli Parodi S.r.l. / Spartacus S.r.l. / Giuseppe Santoro S.r.l. / Barracuda Sub S.r.l. / I.L.MA. Sub. S.r.l. in R.T.I.