New Breakwater of Genoa - Phase A (P.3062)

The new breakwater of the Port of Genoa is designed to guarantee direct access to the terminal facilities and a wide turning basin for ultra-large ships to manoeuvre in full safety and, in addition, to cater for future carrier upsizing. Without this new port infrastructure, Genoa cannot expand and risks losing its competitive edge in the global shipping industry.

(Last refresh date 16.06.2023)

Project Code P.3062
Project title New Breakwater of Genoa - Phase A
Project status
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Project status key TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, DD = Detailed Design, ED = Executive Design, activity completed  Activity completed activity in progress  Activity in progress  
Project value €1,300,000,000
Current activities Work in progress
Timeline Start Date: February 2023
Completion Date: November 2026
Contractor WeBuild