A range of major roadworks in the Genoa-Sampierdarena Basin (P.3121)

New road infrastructure on-site in the Sampierdarena port area, with smart road-freight dedicated lanes for heavy vehicles which will simultaneously also ease urban traffic congestion. The new roadworks include the installation of the new Ponente smart port gate, construction of the new Ponte del Papa, completion of the via Superba, extension of the major port roadway, new road link between San Benigno and Bettolo container terminal, relocation of the Etiopia port gate, demolition and reconstruction of the Siffredi viaduct and retrofitting of the Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia (by the Airport) and Ponte dei Mille (by the Cruise Terminal) viaducts.

(Last refresh date 19.07.2021)

Project Code P.3121
Project title A range of major roadworks in the Sampierdarena port area
Project status
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TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study 
DD = Detailed Design
ED = Executive Design
 barra attività conclusa  Dark colour = activity completed
 barra attività in corso  Light colour = activity in progress  
Project value €141,235,515.72
Current activities Site preparation for construction works. Executive Design underway
Commencement date of construction works 2021-10-01
Completion date of construction works 2024-09-01
Contractor Pizzarotti