Pra' Dune Urban Park takes shape

Tree planting and turf installation along the first 750 metres of the linear landscaped Dune Urban Park completed.

Following the long hot summer of 2022 which brought to a halt the green port redevelopment of Pra', autumn kicked off with the planting of large shrubs and trees, designed to function as a visual screen and noise barrier between the PSA Genova Pra' full-container terminal and adjacent urban fabric. The linear park project capitalises upon the botanical biodiversity of the Mediterranean with the creation, across 10/15-metre high dunes lined with typical trees and foliage, of a promenade and four themed dedicated areas. The first "garden" is near completion, together with the children's playground and the installation of the irrigation and lighting systems.

The project was planned in collaboration with AG&P Greenspace, landscape architects specialised in public space and garden design. Construction works are scheduled for completion by 2023 and the Pra' Dune Park will offer a new urban recreational area open to all residents for leisure and sports activities, whilst simultaneously mitigating noise and air pollution.

The Pra' Dune Urban Park is part of the far-reaching Port of Genoa Infrastructure Investment Programme.