Giuseppe Canepa

Giuseppe  Canepa
Giuseppe Canepa

Director of the Environment, On-shore Port Infrastructure and Maintenance Services Department

Giuseppe Canepa graduated in Geology at the University of Genoa, and is licensed in the safe removal of asbestos, in noise pollution management and in safety coordination service management.

He started his professional career in 1980 at the Port Authority of Genoa, and in 2006 he was nominated Director of the Environment and Safety Department of the Port Authority, and President of the Health and Safety Committee.

He is currently responsible for the Environmental Management Plan of the Port of Genoa and the Port Energy Plan; he has also been appointed Director of Port Works and Safety Port Infrastructure Coordinator.

At various stages of his career, Giuseppe Canepa has been elected on the Board of the Regional Order of Geologists and as internal member of the Commissions of Registration for Professional Geologists.