Genoa Last Mile

Genoa Last Mile Operations

The last mile infrastructure of the Port of Genoa is the focus of a far-reaching investment programme which ranges from the completion of the New Third Railway Line across the Apennines and the upgrade of the Genoa Railway Junction to the planned developments in shoreside port infrastructure, as prescribed by the MoU undersigned by RFI and the Port Authority in August 2018.

The strategic role played by rail in ensuring a seamless integrated and sustainable supply chain across Europe is highlighted by the fact that the design project of the planned works for the last mile rail infrastructure upgrade in the Sampierdarena basin is co-funded by the EU, across the RENEW4GE project.

The range of major infrastructure works underway are instrumental in catering for the expected increase in volumes to be handled by the Port of Genoa, the overland transport across Southern Europe and an improvement in the intermodal split from road to rail.

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Rail infrastructure across the Port of Genoa can be broadly divided into four sectors :

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Scalo di Genova SampierdarenaGenova Sampierdarena

A) Eastern Sector of the Old Port, which covers the San Benigno area (Bettolo-Rugna Rail Yard), is the focus of an upgrade and expansion programme that kicked off in December 2021 (P.2460 Lot A2). The project foresees the installation of nine tracks to ensure the operation of freight trains in full safety to/from the container and liquid bulk terminals. The yard will be connected to the national rail network across the Molo Nuovo Tunnel, undergoing a retrofit (P.2930), and to the subsequent rail link with the Campasso Rail Yard and onward to the railway lines across the Apennines.

In the eastern sector of the old port the following on-site rail facilities are connected to the national rail network (expected disruptions for planned works on Rugna Rail Yard):

Bettolo-Genoa Mediterranean Gateway Terminal
SAAR Depositi Portuali


B) Central Sector of the Old Port, which covers the Sampierdarena rail freight terminal area (Fuorimuro), to date featuring nine tracks, including eight equipped with an electric rail traction system. The  Fuorimuro Rail Yard forms part of a range of planned port infrastructure works, in cooperation with RFI, as prescribed by the MoU of 2018. The upgrade programme of the yard (P.3107) foresees the installation of seven 750-metre EU-standardised electrified rail tracks.

In the central sector of the old port the following on-site rail facilities are connected to the national rail network:

Genova Marittima Bacino (parco Fuori Muro)
Genoa Port Terminal - Gruppo Spinelli –
Genoa Metal Terminal - C. Steinweg


C) Genoa-Pra' Port Basin
The rail facilities of the Pra’ port basin, located on-site in the PSA Genova Pra’ terminal, feature eight tracks ranging from 1200 to 1320 metres in length and an additional track 660 metres in length.

The terminal is connected to the Genoa Voltri (RFI) interchange freight station along the Genoa-Savona railway line, across a double-track link.

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