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Access permits to Genoa and Pra'

Permits for access to Genoa and Pra page

Pursuant to the related executive order, namely the Port Safety and Security Plan, to access the Port of Genoa boundaries , a specific permit is required and is granted exclusively to individuals providing acceptable reasons.

The port access permit is strictly personal and shall not be used in any different mode and/or area  than the one indicated in the application form.
Users who are entitled to use the afore mentioned personalised access permit, if necessary and issued upon request, shall be also granted a specific permit for their vehicle. In addition, access permits can be also granted to any vehicle of companies allowed to circulate within port area.

Access to port area without the required permit shall be a failure to abide by security regulations in force and, thereafter, non-compliance will be punished, provided the conduct in question constitutes more serious violation, pursuant to the existing Navigation Code. The access permit granted to an individual or vehicle, shall be exclusively intended for the specific purpose and length of time required to accomplish the task shown on the application. This document must be submitted at least 10 working days before the first access.

After having fetched and thereafter used the access permit, the holder has acknowledged acceptance and adherence to regulations and executive orders in force within the Authority's jurisdiction and absolve the Authority from any liability for damages caused by the access and thereafter circulation, stopover or layover within the port area.
In case former employment contract, or the reasons which induced submitting the application, have terminated, the Company must inform competent Security Office and, within 5 days, return the permission to Port Registry providing the relative number on letterhead paper.
In order to apply for an access permit, full documentation may be submitted to the Registry Office - Ponte dei Mille during opening hours (Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 12:00), or sent by mail/courier to the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority - Attention Ufficio Anagrafe Portuale - Palazzo San Giorgio - Via della Mercanzia, 2 - 16124 Genoa, at least 10 working days before the first intended access.
The amount due shall be processed directly at Ufficio Anagrafe Portuale via electronic transaction (POS), and/or an invoice can be issued after having received accreditation and Customer Code from the Accounting Department (Ufficio Ragioneria), and/or directly at the entitled Treasury Office-Banca Carige Agenzia 32 – Piazza Banchi, by cash or cheque.

Mandatory access permits
In order to operate within port territorial circumscription, the application shall be supported by preliminary authorization filled out by the concessionaire inviting workers or company owners intended to undertake the afore mentioned operations. This precautionary document, Modello A, shall be filled out by the Legal Representative of the company hosting operations.

Modello B is the application which shall be filled in by the Legal Representative of the Company applying for the aforementioned access permit, supported by Modello C listing individuals and vehicles on behalf of which the permit has been applied for.

Digital badge application forms, in case of eligible users, shall be directly submitted to the Registry Office - Ponte dei Mille, or sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with, if required, a clear colour photo in .jpg format.

In case of digital badge application via website, eligible users would first sign in, receive user name and password from the Registry Office and then log in.
In case of operations to be undertaken at sea or onboard ships exceeding 24 metres in length (LOA) and the recruited company had no license, pursuant to the existing Regulatory Framework agreement, to operate in the shipbuilding industry within Genoa port area, a short-term application shall be lodged to the local Registry Office.
In case of operations on specific areas of expertise, pursuant to the Regulatory Framework for the shipbuilding industry, not exceeding a day-work and engaging as far as two workers, an application for Expertise Authorization shall be submitted to: Direzione del Territorio - Ufficio Igiene e Sicurezza del Lavoro Portuale– Settore Industriale.

An Authorization is also required to practice non-professional fishing activities along the breakwater. Non-professional fishing access permits are personalised and issued on a limited-number, based on the applications lodged through Modello D. The authorization allows beneficiaries to access breakwater, exclusively where access is permitted, taking the boat service from Falcone -Borsellino quay in Genoa - Porto Antico or from Camillo Luglio quay in Genoa-Sestri Ponente Marina, practicing non-professional fishing pursuant to the related regulations issued by Local Harbour Masters Office. Applicants shall thoroughly fill in Modello D.

Road transport access within port area
Duly registered haulage contractor’s Legal Representative shall fill Modello E and Modello F to provide regular drivers with a digital personalised badge authorizing access to public port areas for the specific purpose of loading/unloading operations and exclusively driving tractor units, trucks and/or articulated lorries

The application must be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., also attaching drivers colour photo in .jpeg format. In order to facilitate access badges’ issuance/renewal procedures, Sea Port Authority has implemented specific E-Port applications which ensure remote (E-F) form filling.

For further information you may contact:
Call Center Hub Telematica (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Phone +39 010 2473104 - +39 010 2466533
from Monday to Friday 06:00 – 22:00
Saturday 06:00 – 14:00

Port access permits for non-work purposes
Access to port area for non-work-related purposes, but, for example, for member of yachting clubs, visitors, apprenticeships, crew members etc., Modello G must be filled in by the owner of the concession which shall be visited by the individuals whose access permit is being sought. Modello G shall be always supported by Modello H detailing the list of individuals and potential vehicles whose access permit is being sought.

Daily access permits
In case of missing access permit, it has been foreseen that, on a limited basis and as far as three daily permits per month, since the first issuance, gate security officers are authorized to issue, by filling in a specific form, a 24 h access permit. This permit shall be issued under some limited circumstances and however exclusively granted to individuals who occasionally need to undertake port-related activities. Validity ends when the individual leaves the port.

Duplicates / Vehicles’ plate replacement
The application shall be lodged by the access permit holder as a self-certification, pursuant to D.P.R. 445 dated December 28th2000, attaching copy of a valid ID and details of the existing access permit, plate number and the reasons for the application (lost, stolen, damaged, malfunctions).
In case of damages or malfunctions, the list of valid permits shall be attached. A specific Modulo cambio targa is available. The application shall be lodged by the same individual who originally filled in Form B or Form G, showing permit number and holder's name, details of the authorization and former plate number, also attaching the valid access permit. A specific Modulo duplicato is available.

The applicable fee for access permit renewal, collection, replacement or duplication, as a fixed duty set by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, shall be paid at the Registry Office, in compliance with the table below:

Cards / Digital Badges Regular fee Special fee**
Personal access permit 20 € / year 3 € / year
Personal car access permit 30 € / year per area 22 € / year per area
Company-car access permit 30 € / year per area 3 € / year per area
Haulage contractor's Badge free of charge /
Short-term permit (up to 90 days) Regular fee Special fee
Personal access permit 6 € 1 €
Personal car access permit 6 € 6 €
Company-car access permit 6 € 1 €
Short-term Authorization 2 € man / day /
Other Personal Vehicle
Duplicate / Plate number replacement   5 € 5 € per area
Occasional event 15 €
Occasional event at the Maritime Station   200 €

**Special fees and other exemptions shall be subject to Executive Order granted to certain categories by the Local Body, upon receipt of motivation and supporting evidence.

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