Integrated rail digital platform launched in the Ports of Genoa

Agreement reached between RFI Italian Railway Network and the Port Authority for integration with the Port Community System

The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and the Italian State Railways have finalised the agreement ratifying the interoperability between the Rail PIC System (Piattaforma Integrata di Circolazione) and the Genoa Port Community System. Assisted by a high-capacity electronic platform, the integration between the two systems is designed to manage and provide port users with real-time tracking information and documents on the position of trains along the rail network.

The agreement has received the support of the rail shunting companies operating in the Ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure and is a key component of the intangible infrastructure Last Mile Rail development strategy, instrumental to the successful future growth of port activities.

The Port Authority and UIRNet, which administers the Italian Logistic Platform on behalf of the Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with all the major stakeholders, are firmly committed to phasing in the digitalization, automation and reorganization of port rail activities to enhance the competitive edge of rail and intermodal transport to/from the Ports of Genoa. The Innovative Digital Last Mile Rail Management Module is part of the wide-ranging E-Bridge Project (Emergency and BRoad Information Development for the ports of Genoa) which is to receive EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funding. The E-Bridge Project will also introduce rail gate automation designed to promote pre-clearing rail procedures.

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