The First Direct Rail Link between Genoa and Switzerland

For the first time, the Port of Genoa and Switzerland are linked directly by rail. The rail freight service is managed by PSA, and the train will make no intermediate stops along the route

It is a historic moment for intermodal transport, not only for Italy and Switzerland, but also for the major industrial and consumer markets in central Europe, as transit times of cargo to/from Southern Europe will be reduced. Load centring in Genoa will save the approximately six days of navigation required to reach the Northern European ports, the traditional ports for German, Swiss and Austrian shipments. The service is open to all operators in the sector: freight forwarders, BCOs and shipping lines.

The service offers three weekly departures from Pra’, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 04:30. Pick-up in Frenkendorf is possible starting at 07:00 the day after departure. Check-in closes 24 hours before departure.

From Frenkendorf, departures are scheduled every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 22.30, with check-in closing at 17.00 and arriving at Pra’ at 12.30 the following day.
It is possible to transport both high-cube containers and shipments containing ADR goods on all trains.

Info on the Pra’-Basel route:

  • Departures: three times/weekly
  • Capacity: up to 1,250 tons
  • Train length: up to 440 metres
  • High-Cube Transport: available
  • IMDG Cargo: available.

For further info, please contact:
Marketing & Customer Service Office,

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