Italian Cruise Day: Liguria top Med destination

Savona's Palacrociere Terminal hosted the 2021 annual Italian Cruise Day, Italy's unrivalled cruise sector event with the participation of the leading industry players and professionals.


The Italian Minister for Tourism Massimo Garavaglia was invited as keynote speaker at the major event dedicated to an analysis and discussion on present and future market trends, with a focus on proposals for the revival of the industry in the post-pandemic era, environmental, social and economic sustainability, new sales strategies for prospective cruise passengers, and future deployment in Italy and in the Mediterranean.

"Over the last ten years we pledged to cater for the future requirements posed by the advent of the ultra large vessels and the cruise community faced this new challenge with great foresight and skill: I invite you all to visit this passenger terminal which was the result of an investment programme geared to meeting the specific technical needs of the next-generation cruise ships. The local regional authorities have also responded positively to the demands to improve accessibility by land, rail and air. Today cruises account for 7% of passenger throughput in the Airport of Genoa where an extensive terminal expansion project is currently underway. In addition, it is important to highlight that, in terms of environmental sustainability, the Ministry for Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility has funded the cold ironing programme to be implemented in the Passenger Ports of both Genoa and Savona and the major renewable energy projects taking shape across the port. The targets will be achieved once Italian and international legislation has been fine-tuned," declared the Port Authority President Paolo Emilio Signorini during the panel discussion, Liguria: premier Mediterranean cruise area.
"Cruises are a major marketing promotional tool," added President Signorini, "which draws millions of tourists to the Genoa and Savona region and represents an invaluable opportunity for the local community."

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