Costa Toscana embarks on maiden voyage from Savona

The new Costa Crociere LNG-powered flagship homeports in Savona.  

 4 March 2022 - Tomorrow Costa Toscana, a true smart city of the waves, is scheduled to embark on her inaugural voyage from Palacrociere Savona.

The latest generation cruise vessel, powered by liquefied natural gas, features and capitalises upon the most advanced technology available in the shipping industry to cut emissions. Costa Toscana's debut marks the kick-off to the roadmap that is expected to bring the entire Costa fleet of 12 ships back by the forthcoming summer season, with a total of over 1,800 cruises to 179 worldwide destinations. The cruise line plans to return with a simplification, based on ongoing monitoring of the pandemic, of the enhanced health and safety protocols already in place.

Liguria and the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority are set to play a key role as the industry kicks off, with Savona and Genoa scheduled to accommodate approximately 200 calls in 2022, including the three new flagships: Costa Smeralda, Costa Toscana and Costa Firenze. "In the face of a sizable investment programme, such as the launch of a latest generation cruise ship like Costa Toscana," declared the Port Authority President, Paolo Emilio Signorini, during the ceremony, "we as a port must be equipped and ready to cater fully for the vessels' technical specifications and requirements. We have already achieved much over the years, but we must continue to upgrade quays, docks, breakwaters, terminal facilities, improve accessibility, introduce cold ironing and invest in clean energy. All of this will concur to provide a global company, such as Costa Cruises, which generates a major economic impact upon our local community, to continue to call in Savona and Genoa."  

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