But S.r.l.

Via Chiodo, 1/3 - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 821644
Fax +39 019 4503045

BuT Terminal is holder of license under Articles 16-18 of Law 84/94 for port operations including loading, unloading, transhipping, storage, handling and general services to various commodities for agricultural, industrial and civil use. These commodities include fertilisers, chemicals and minerals, soda ash, salt, sand, ferroalloys, wood pellets, biomass and related products, non-ferrous metal and colonial products.

The terminal stretches over a 22,000 m2 (indoor) and 3,000 m2 (outdoor) area in the port of Savona. The high depth berths (up to 15.5 m) and the easy interconnection with motorway and railway transport networks give BuT a highly competitive position for key markets.

Traditional bulk handling services match well with specialised 15-2550 kg -bags and big-bag packaging services, including automatic pallet wrapping. Overall the terminal offers a packaging capacity in excess of 1,000 tons daily over double shift.

Among the various services, BuT specialises in handling and storage – already certified by Liffe and in an area connected to the railway network – of various goods, bulk and bagged products and soft commodities with full use reversibility across different product categories.

Moreover, the company is acting under ISO 9001:2015 certification, full compliance with ATEX directives and pending certification under the OHSAS 18001.

QUAY port of Savona, public berths (depth up to 15.5 m)
STORAGE AREA indoor 22,000 sqm - outdoor 3,000 sqm
PORT EQUIPMENT self propelled cranes up to 300 t
high capacity buckets, hoppers and other special equipment
WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT bagging lines for big bags and 15-25-50 kg bags, with automatic palletiser and binding-machine
mechanical shovels and fork-lifts
OPERATING CAPACITY ship tonnage up to 50,000 tons GT; handling potential 400,000 t/year