Getoil S.R.L

Via Buonarroti, 14 - 20145 Milano (MI) - Italy
Tel. +39 02 468851
Fax +39 02 4692760

Calata Giaccone - 16149 Genova (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 2758741-2
Fax +39 010 24645 37

The on-shore deposits of bunkers at Calata Giaccone cover a surface area of 6,755 sqm and feature eight insulated and heated tanks for a total capacity of 24,513 m3 for the storage of petroleum products, and four pipelines which connect the landside facilities to the sea.

The terminal offers auxiliary heating plants, electronically-controlled mixer, reloading onto trucks, weighing bridges, fire-fighting equipment, and onsite rail terminal for the unloading of rail cars, chemical laboratory and workshops.

The company is licensed to offer customs warehousing.

Getoil operates in the maritime bunker trade, import and marketing of fuel oil and bitumen.

LOCATION Calata Giaccone
AREA 6,755 sqm
EQUIPMENT 9 tanks total capacity 24,513 m3
4 pipelines
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