Porto Petroli S.P.A

Radice Pontile Alfa - 16155 Genova Multedo (GE) - Italy
Tel. +39 010 86151
Fax +39 010 8615599

The Multedo Oil Terminal has a total area of 124,000 sqm (not including water surface area) and has both landside and offshore facilities. The terminal features three quays which are perpendicular to the coast: Beta, Gamma, Delta.

The mooring service provided by the Multedo terminal is fast and efficient. Vessels can be unloaded in most sea and weather conditions with safety and loaded with gasoline, VN and LCN with zero pollution.
The terminal is equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

Approximately 15 million tonnes of petroleum products are unloaded annually at the terminal. The pipelines supply the major oil refineries and depots in Northern Italy.

JETTYProductLOA 1(m)Draft 1(m)LOA 2(m)Draft 2(m)max dist.
manifold stern (m)
BETA LEVANTEfuel oil20013,123010111,5
BETA PONENTEfuel oil19813,123810,7120,8
BETA PONENTEdiesel19813,123810,7126,1
BETA LEVANTEdiesel20013,123010116,5
GAMMA LEVANTEcrude oil24114,126113,5144,8
GAMMA LEVANTEfuel oil24114,126113,5137,9
GAMMA PONENTEcrude oil24713,624713,6131,3
GAMMA PONENTEfuel oil24713,624713,6124
GAMMA PONENTEdiesel24713,624713,6120
DELTA LEVANTEcrude oil32014,132014,1168
DELTA LEVANTEdiesel32014,132014,1159
DELTA PONENTEcrude oil33014,133014,1166
DELTA PONENTEdiesel33014,133014,1160
BO W3chemical10,8    
BO W2chemical10,0