Corpo piloti del Porto di Savona e Vado

Palazzina dei Servizi, Molo delle casse - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Tel. +39 019 821025
Fax +39 019 8211281 -

Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels entering and leaving the port of Savona Vado or moving in the stretch of water between the coast, and Capes of Vado and Albissola. Ships up to 500 t (GT) are exempted from the service. Vessels up to 2,000 tonnes (GT) not using a tug, liner ferries up to 30,000 (GT) and 180 meters length, and liner ships up to 15,000 tonnes (GT) may require radio-assisted pilotage only on sailing. The staff includes seven pilots who ensure a 24-hour service, using three 12-metre boats with a maximum speed of 26 knots.