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Mondomarine S.P.A

Mondomarine S.P.A


Lungomare Matteotti 6 - 17100 Savona (SV) - Italy
Latitude 44° 19’ 0,182” N
Longitude 8° 29’ 39,329” E

Sea Side plaza 8, Avenue des Ligures MC – 98000 Monaco
Tel. +377 97772080
Fax +377 97772085

Mondomarine started shipbuilding on what is now the 35,000 sqm Mondomarine Shipyard in 1915.
Since then, Mondomarine shipyard represents a centre of excellence in ship and yacht building as well as in repairing.

Anchored to the shipyard’s strong heritage, the brand Mondomarine was created to sign the custom-made yachts over 40 meters made in aluminum alloy and steel.

Two years ago Mr. Falciai and Mr. Zambrini, whose intentions are to enhance the uniqueness of each Mondomarine design, have acquired the brand and the production site.
While the commercial and marketing duties of Mondomarine have been moved to the prestigious location of Monaco, the new owners’ will is to empower more and more the Savona’s shipyards with new vitality and modernity.
Cantieri Navali Campanella is the ideal set for the production, the repair and refit offer and the showroom’s activities.

The centenary, celebrated this year, will be the occasion to relaunch the shipyards’ identity.
The very custom builds, the increasing international attention and the guarantee of the Italian quality are just some of the pillars on which Mondomarine leverages in its renewal while constantly seeking for continuous improvement.

Along with its tradition, Mondomarine carries on designing, engineering and building ships at the Savona Cantieri Navali Campanella production site still offering full-cycle production right from the cutting of the hull plates all the way to completion.

62 are the units built so far by Mondomarine in addition to the number previously reached by Cantieri Navali Campanella.

During the last 9 years Mondomarine sold 21 yachts over 40m length 9 of which over 50 m length.


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