Amico & Co, new ShipLift for megayachts

Amico & Co, new ShipLift for megayatchts

Capable of servicing vessels up to 95 metres


Bolstered by a 27-million euro investment programme, the new 4,000-tonne capacity ShipLift inaugurated by Amico & Co, equips the Genoa-based shipyard with the facility to service up to six 95 m-superyachts simultaneously.

The ShipLift features an innovative system for hoisting, launching and manoeuvring megayachts, with an electrical, zero-emission track and trestle system that can transfer yachts onto the hard stand towards the five new work stations slots which have been retrieved across a restructuring of the 25,000-sqm area.

The installation of the new state-of-the-art infrastructure consolidates Amico & Co's leadership in the megayacht refit industry, increasingly concentrated in the Mediterranean, and represents a further step towards affirming Genoa's role as a global superyacht hub.

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