Green Ports: Signorini at UniGe

Green Ports: Signorini at UniGe

Port President Paolo Emilio Signorini invited by the University of Genoa to deliver a lecture to students enrolled at the "Management for Energy and Environmental Transition" Master Degree course of the Department of Economics.

"The Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority is firmly committed to the implementation of a wide range of green projects, namely, On-shore Power Supply, installation of solar power plants and the deployment of alternative fuels, to cater fully for the requirements of the highly energy-intensive activities of port operations, whilst simultaneously creating a sustainable energy solution which sharply reduces carbon emissions."

President Signorini presented the Ports of Genoa and Savona-Vado Ligure to a group of international postgraduate students, alongside details of the sizable infrastructure investment programme underway, with a specific focus on the new breakwater of Genoa, the expansion of the airport, the redevelopment of the Levante Waterfront and the creation of the new Dune Urban Park in Pra'. "In the aftermath of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, the Ports of Genoa and Pra' were isolated. In response, the government allocated 3 billion euros of funding to improve maritime, road, rail and air access to/from the port."

"In addition to the new infrastructure," continued Signorini, "the Ports of Genoa is also investing heavily in intangible assets, namely, digitalisation, innovation and technology, in line with the major global ports, to reduce transit times, pollution and costs."

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