Port of Genoa: international open call for tenders for the new breakwater plan. Invitalia appointed central purchasing agency

Italy’s biggest port infrastructure project in recent years takes shape.

Genoa, 16 November 2018 – The tender notice for the assignment of the technical and financial feasibility study for the new Port of Genoa breakwater has been published. The contract is worth over 13.5 million euros and foresees the implementation of the feasibility study for a major infrastructure construction project estimated at approximately 800 million euros. The deadline for submission of offers is 28 December 2018, and the tendering process is managed by Invitalia, - the Investment Agency which reports to the Italian Ministry for Finance -, on behalf of the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority.

With the launch of the project for the new breakwater, the Port of Genoa is onstream to meet the future challenges posed by the advent of the ultra large container ships up to 22,000 teus, in compliance with the strictest safety and security regulations. The new project foresees the construction of a 5-km breakwater, 500 metres from the coastline, with depth up to 40 metres. The project feasibility study is the first step in a 15-year timeframe which will be divided into three distinct phases.

Paolo Emilio Signorini, President of the Port Authority, commented, “ Today marks the beginning of a new era which is set to change the course of the Port of Genoa: a major infrastructure project which is instrumental in maintaining the port’s leadership in the Mediterranean, and which will be constructed according to the highest safety and environmental standards.”

Domenico Arcuri, Managing Director of Invitalia, added, “The prime objective of Invitalia as central purchasing agency is to proceed as quickly as possible with the implementation of all the administrative activities related to the planning and construction of the new breakwater, an infrastructure which is vital to safeguarding Genoa’s fragile environment, recently struck by an unexpected sequence of tragic events. Invitalia is increasingly boosting its strategic role as development agency for Italy, and we are firmly committed to cooperating with public administrations in the implementation of projects in the common interests of citizens and of companies wishing to invest.”

Full information on the call for tenders may be downloaded from the Invitalia website: gareappalti.invitalia.it

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