MSC Grandiosa makes maiden call in Genoa

Maiden Call a Genova per MSC Grandiosa

Genoa, 22 November 2019 - The Stazioni Marittime Cruise Terminal welcomed MSC Grandiosa on her inaugural call in Genoa, homeport to MSC Cruises

With a capacity of over 6300 passengers and up to 331 metres long, the MSC cruise ship is the largest vessel to have ever docked in Genoa's passenger port. The Grandiosa is scheduled to sail from the Ligurian capital every Saturday, thereby boosting to three the number of MSC ships offering winter cruises from Genoa.
MSC Grandiosa is one of the fleet's most environmentally advanced ships to date and features a state-of-the-art technology designed to keep the environmental impact of the vessel, both at sea and ashore, to a minimum.
The Port of Genoa continues to consolidate its role as strategic hub in the Mediterranean for the Swiss-based cruise line and this year is set to handle up to 1.1 million MSC passengers and accommodate 202 calls.

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