Airport, new Board of Directors

Aeroporto, nominato il nuovo consiglio di amministrazione

Genoa, 29 June 2023 - Today the Genova City Airport new Board of Directors was appointed by the company shareholders at the General Assembly of Aeroporto di Genova SpA. Alfonso Lavarello was officially nominated President, and he will be flanked by the Directors Giovanni Cavallaro, Ivan Pitto, Barbara Pozzolo and Alessandro Cavo. Piero Righi is set to remain as Director General until 31 December 2023 to assist the Board members and ensure a smooth transition under the new management.

The shareholder delegates approved the Financial Statement for the year 2022 which reached the break-even point thanks to an increase in airport passenger throughput and improved performance in terms of operational results and cost-efficiency levels. The company shareholders - Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority, Genoa Chamber of Commerce and Airports of Rome - expressed their satisfaction at the results achieved, notwithstanding the rise in energy costs and an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In 2022 Genova City Airport handled a total of 1.2 million passengers, double the volumes reported in 2021 and a 20% reduction compared to the pre-Covid era. It is important to highlight that the upward trend continued across the first five months of 2023, with a 33.9% advance on last year's comparable period. In addition, a range of major infrastructure works has been completed, namely, the runway refurbishment, the construction of a new facility as embarkation hall and baggage handling area and the upgrade of the Baggage Handling System. Whilst construction works currently underway include the expansion and renovation of the existing passenger terminal to cater for the future upturn in traffic.

«Genoa and Liguria are facing important challenges in terms of accessibility by sea and by land, instrumental to the economic growth of a Region dedicated to the port industry, tourism and advanced tertiary sector. The expansion of the airport and, consequently, accessibility by air, is strategic to the economic sustainability of the Region in this period of transition. This is the mission of the new Board of Directors, as requested by our shareholders, in unison with the Liguria Region and the City of Genoa", commented the new President Alfonso Lavarello.

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