Redevelopment of Hennebique on track

An important step forward for the implementation of the total refurbishment of Hennebique, the former grain silos are considered one of the most striking reinforced-concrete buildings of the 20th century.

The Vitali Group has successfully completed and submitted the Technical and Economic Feasibility Study which is now being assessed by the Port Authority and, upon approval, will proceed with the elaboration of the final and executive design, with an evaluation on the part of the local authorities by the end of July.

In parallel, within the large-scale redevelopment scheme of Genoa's Old Port Waterfront, catering for cruise, tourist-recreational and residential services, the demolition and engineering works across Ponte Parodi, which sits alongside the Hennebique site, are underway.

The video of the demolition of the Ponte Parodi building was filmed by Silvia Badalotti of CONDIVISO COOP on behalf of ZONES PORTUAIRES - GENOVA.

>> Watch the VIDEO of the demolition

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