Cold ironing in the Cruise Terminal of Savona (P.783)

The project foresees the installation shoreside of electric power converters for the provision of cold ironing at the Port of Savona Cruise terminal berths to reduce air and noise pollution.

(Last refresh date 08.05.2023)

Project Code P.783
Project title Cold ironing in the Cruise Terminal of the Port of Savona
Project status
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Project status key TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, DD = Detailed Design, ED = Executive Design, activity completed  Activity completed activity in progress  Activity in progress  
Project value €10,100,000.00
Current activities Technical and Financial Feasibility Study completed. Contract award process for detailed design underway.
Timeline Start Date: 4Q 2023
Completion Date: 4Q 2024
Contractor Nidec ASI s.p.a.