Rail services

An efficient rail service is a key element to support ports sustainable development. The existing rail links between Genoa - Savona ports and the European network have to cross the Apennine Mountains separating Liguria from the upper Po Valley, therefore performance is affected.
The infrastructure and technological reorganization plan aimed at upgrading these links to European standards (750 metres in length, PC/80 profile) is currently being completed and, as soon as 2021, ports will be fully integrated in the Rhine Alpine corridor.

Last mile
Last mile connections are a critical issue as far as rail transport performance and competitiveness is concerned. The Authority, in collaboration with RFI, has been implementing a new project aimed at strengthening rail links between port areas and the domestic network, so as to remove existing bottlenecks and upgrade the whole system. Rail traction is operated by Fuorimuro s.r.l., in Genoa and Voltri ports, and by Serfer s.r.l., in Savona and Vado Ligure.

Rail links
Genoa and Savona ports boast direct rail links to Northern Italian industrial heartland, through a 500m line operating 1.000 tons trains, and to Southern Europe, through intermodal hubs located in the hinterland. As from 2021, along with the final upgrade of the Rhine-Alpine corridor, 750 metres and 2,000 tons trains will be directly loaded in port areas.