Genoa Green port

The Port Authority of Genoa, through the Port Environmental Energy Plan (PEAP), has initiated to take concrete energy saving actions by rationalizing consumptions and generating energy from renewable sources.
For example, the already implemented actions consist in providing shore power to vessels while hosted at ship-repairs facilities and planning energy saving measures by adopting renewable sources.

An accurate monitoring of consumption has been envisaged to create an accurate database to be used as a reference guide aimed to optimize energy efficiency. It has also been foreseen the progressive replacement of fossil fuels with alternative renewable sources (biomass fuels, LNG), in order to reduce CO2 emissions in port areas and improve air quality.
From this perspective, therefore, the Harbour Masters office is monitoring vessels’ emissions in collaboration with ARPAL.

An analyses of the Port Authority’s of Genoa buildings has been scheduled to provide energy certificates and undertake restructuring works targeting energy efficiency.

The different technologies currently evaluated by PEAP (requalification of buildings, solar and photovoltaic thermal panels, biomass use, wind power, geothermal energy) have close relation with the commitment of concessionaires implemented by undertaking an “Energy Diagnosis” of buildings and consumptions to outline the most suitable actions.

Furthermore, public lighting is being upgraded by replacing traditional lamps with low energy lights (LED). In order to set the bar for the Green Port economy, the policy we have been adopting shall gradually replace our cars-fleet with electric vehicles while also embedding fast-charging stations in strategic sites within the port area.

The document is being continuously updated , in accordance with the National and European regulatory framework agreement, and targets merging , by developing synergies, port concessionaires activities with the new initiatives promoted by the Port Authority.

Archivio Green Port Genova

Piano Energetico Ambientale Portuale (PEAP) - Presentazione (pdf - 91.36 Kb )
Piano Energetico Ambientale Portuale (PEAP) - Linee guida (pdf - 6.08 Mb )
Piano Energetico Ambientale Portuale (PEAP) - Scheda rilievo semplificata (pdf - 149.94 Kb )
Piano Energetico Ambientale Portuale (PEAP) - Documento (pdf - 986.53 Kb )