From the mountains plunging into crystal-clear water to historical cities, from tiny hamlet dotted along the coast to small villages sheltered on steep hill, Liguria is a charming region offering unique landscapes. Its climate is particularly mild throughout the year and perfect for visiting the city, enjoying the coast, going walking and doing outdoor activities.

Genoa, the main town of the region, is the seat of splendid artistic and cultural treasures and boasts one of the largest and better preserved mediaeval historic centre in Europe. Genoa long-standing marine tradition can still be savoured in the vicinity of the old port and its glorious past finds testimonies in a variety of beautiful buildings like San Lorenzo Cathedral, Palazzo Ducale and the Rolli palaces (Unesco World heritage).

The other cities in the region are worth no less: Savona, La Spezia, Imperia and Chiavari, just to name the largest urban districts, preserve magnificent architectural and artistic heritage and welcome visitors offering a large variety of high-quality holiday-services.

Along the Eastern Ligurian Riviera not-to-be-missed Portofino, Portovenere and Cinque Terre, unique scenery showing the traditional dry-stone walls, the typical Ligurian painted house and the lush Mediterranean maquis hanging above the sea.

Even along the Western Riviera and across the inland region, Liguria preserves amazing natural wonders, hidden treasures and enchanting landscapes, like Parco del Beigua and the Maritime Alps, offering magnificent sceneries of the sea, or Dolceacqua, Triora and Dolcedo small villages, where time has apparently stopped.

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