Redevelopment of Christopher Columbus Airport (P.3114)

Construction of a new facility to the north of the passenger terminal, to be equipped as a temporary embarkation hall during reconstruction works in the terminal building. The project foresees the temporary expansion of the baggage handling hall to accommodate part of the new system.

(Last refresh date 31.10.2021)

Project Code P.3114
Project title Redevelopment of the existing Airport passenger terminal
Project status
Lot 1 – Embarkation area
Start Works 
End Works 
Lot 2 – Baggage handling area


TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study 
DD = Detailed Design
ED = Executive Design
 activity completed  Dark colour = activity completed
 activity in progress  Light colour = activity in progress  
Project value €937,000.00
Current activities Lot 1 – Embarkation area: Work in progress
Timeline Lot 1 – Embarkation area: Construction Works Start Date: November 2021 | Completion Date: 31 January 2022
Lot 2 – Baggage handling area: WORKS COMPLETED
Contractor Lot 1 – Embarkation area: --
Lot 2 – Baggage handling area Sigea