Upgrade of the Fuori Muro Rail Yard (P.3107)

The project is designed to upgrade rail access from the Genoa Sampierdarena port basin, with the installation of seven 750-metre rail tracks to ensure the safe operation of EU standardised freight cars, the introduction of a new signalling system in compliance with the National Safety Agency requirements and a new electric rail traction system.

(Last refresh date 31.10.2021)

Project Code P.3107
Project title Upgrade of the Fuori Muro Rail Yard
Project status
Start Works 
End Works 


TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study 
DD = Detailed Design
ED = Executive Design
 barra attività conclusa  Dark colour = activity completed
 barra attività in corso  Light colour = activity in progress  
Project value €65,000,000.00
Current activities Detailed Design in progress
Timeline Start Date: 1st quarter 2022
Completion Date: 2nd quarter 2024
Commencement date of construction works 2022-01-01
Completion date of construction works 2024-12-01