Redevelopment of Hennebique (P.3119)

The redevelopment of the historic Hennebique former grain silos, one of the most striking reinforced-concrete buildings of the 20th century, takes shape. Strategically located along Genoa's Waterfront in the Old Port, it overlooks the sea and the city's historical centre and sits adjacent to the Cruise and Ferry Terminal. The plan is to reconvert the building into a major multi-service hub for cruise, tourist and recreational activities.

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Project Code P.3119
Project title Redevelopment of Hennebique
Project status
Start Works 
End Works 
Project status key TFFS = Technical and Financial Feasibility Study, DD = Detailed Design, ED = Executive Design, activity completed  Activity completed activity in progress  Activity in progress  
Project value €133,264,841.00
Current activities Design and reviews. Preliminary construction works stages underway
Timeline Start Date: 1st quarter 2022 (construction site preparation)
Completion Date: December 2027
Contractor Vitali S.p.a.