Economic Impact

The economic benefits generated by the Genoa and Savona port sectors extend beyond the two port cities to a large part of the country. 
With 28,000 people employed in the Ports of Genoa and Prà and 8,000 in the Ports of Savona and Vado, the port industry  is one of the major economic driving forces in the region, accounting for 6% of all jobs in Liguria.

A specific study conducted in 2016 by Nomisma-Prometeia-Tema estimated  the economic-social impact of the Genoa port sector at  122,000 people in employment  across the country (including induced impact on employment) and a contribution of  almost €10 bn to the Italian economy. The Sustainability Report on  the Port of Savona Vado shows that the port supply chain is the leading industrial activity in the province with almost 8,000 people in employment.

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      • 09 August 2017
        Studio presentato e curato da Nomisma-Prometeia-Tema
      • 15 September 2017