Port gate digitalisation guidelines

Linee guida digitalizzazione flussi ai terminal ph-merlofotografia

The Ports of Genoa, together with the maritime cluster, have identified data exchange digitalisation as strategic to the optimisation of port and terminal gate access, in line with the future integration of the Italian Port Community Systems/E-Port in the National Logistics Platform

Within this framework, the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority has set up an ad-hoc working group with representatives from the Associations of Road-hauliers, Ship Agents, Freight-forwarders and Terminal Operators, to press ahead with the "Digitalisation of vehicular port and terminal access" as, in the midst of the public health emergency, the introduction of automated gate systems are also instrumental in reducing to a minimum interaction between truck drivers and gate control staff.

The main provisions of the Port Authority Guidelines include:

  • an intensive use and expansion of digitalised data exchange;
  • the upgrading of the scheduling of time-slots in which drivers can pick up or drop at the terminal, thereby providing road-haulage companies with the possibility of managing the delivery cycle in real-time;
  • the provision of specific mobile apps for truckers.

A trial period is now set to commence, whilst the fully automated gate system is due to come into force by July.

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