High-precision dredging at the Port of Genoa

Ongoing dredging operations at Calata Massaua in the Sampierdarena Basin to cater for the next-generation ships.

The Ports of Genoa continue to excavate the Sampierdarena and Old Port seabed, with the aid of advanced dredging monitoring software on board the custom-built Annamaria Z vessel.
By combining pre-survey multi-beam data with GPS, and data from sensors added to the clamshell, the 3D reconstruction of the dredge site gives operators real-time underwater vision. Dredging works can, therefore, be carried out at high accuracy levels even in deep water. The vessel is also equipped to remove the sediment deposits without material spillage and with minimal impact on levels of water turbidity.

The Calata Massaua dredging operations form part of a wide-ranging plan to dredge in Genoa's Sampierdarena cargo port and passenger port, with all works scheduled to be completed by summer 2023.