First mega-caisson for new extended Vado breakwater

It ranks as the largest caisson to have been constructed to date with this range of equipment by Fincosit, pioneers of the industry: up to 25.6 metres high, 31 metres long, 22 metres wide and weighing up to 9340 tons. The reinforced-concrete cellular caisson was precast on the floating dock Dario, deployed by the company at the service of the breakwater extension in the Port of Vado Ligure.

The operations to position the caisson required 6 hours to be completed, assisted by a qualified team of engineers and skilled specialised workers, and 3 tug-boats used to tow and manoeuvre the massive concrete component into place. The project calls for the relocation further at sea of the existing 13 caissons and the installation of an additional 4 new cellular components.

Fincosit and Fincantieri Infrastructure have been contracted by the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority to construct the new breakwater in Vado Ligure, designed to protect the port basin and terminal facilities and to improve maritime accessibility. The first phase of the project foresees the construction of 450 metres of the breakwater, at 35/49 metres below sea level, with the expansion of the turning basin by approximately 150 m to cater for ultra-large ships to manoeuvre in full safety towards Vado Gateway, Reefer Terminal and the Ferry Terminal.