Pra' Dune Urban Park, near completion the first 720 metres of the promenade

The new linear landscaped Dune Urban Park designed to function as a visual screen and noise barrier between PSA Genova Pra' container terminal and the adjacent residential urban fabric, takes shape. The public inner city recreational area, already open to residents for leisure and sports activities, has been expanded to create more urban green spaces for outdoor pursuits.

The promenade has been enlarged by approximately 1.20 metres to separate the cycle lane from the footpath, with the installation of steel railings to avoid vehicular interference on pedestrians. In addition, 16 tall palm trees (25/30 metres high) infected by red palm weevils have been successfully replaced by the American Washingtonia filifera fan palm, sturdier and broader and more resistant to contagion.

The first of the four themed dedicated areas of the urban park is on track to be completed by the end of February. The linear landscaped park will also feature a children's playground and it has been designed to capitalise upon the botanical diversity of the Mediterranean vegetation, with five thousand trees (in prevalence the evergreen holm oak) and a wide variety of shrubs planted in homage to the region.

The new Pra' Urban Park is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.

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