Port Community System Genoa

E-PORT is a platforms that allows IT systems used by the various players of the transport and logistics chain linked to the port of Genoa to integrate and operate between themselves: from Public Administrations (Coast Guard, Customs Agency and Finance Police) to private operators (shipping companies, maritime agents, porter terminals and auto-transporters).

Overall, the platform involves 20,000 users and over 1,500 companies, managing more than 15 million import/export documents per year (including customs declarations, cargo documents, bookings, gate in/gate out management, lorry appointments, etc.). By sharing this information, the system simplifies data entry operations, reducing goods transit times – and consequently costs – to a minimum.

The Port Community System of the port of Genoa was recently integrated within the National Logistics Platform which, through the integration of systems and procedures searches for the maximum operative efficiency for the entire world of Italian logistics.