Switzerland: Genoa, an example of efficiency

ZLS “Switzerland: Genoa, an example of efficiency

Genoa as a remarkable Italian model for best practices, the Rhine-Alpine Rail Corridor and the new Breakwater of the Port of Genoa: these are just some of the topics reported in the weekly magazine programme Tempi Moderni aired by RSI, the Swiss public broadcasting service in Italian

The episode, which was broadcast on 19 March, focused upon the strategic role of the Port of Genoa as Southern maritime gateway for the leading manufacturing and consumer areas of Northern Italy and Switzerland, in view of the near completion of the Rhine-Alpine Corridor and, above all, thanks to Genoa's model of best practices, which has become a byword for the ability to restore infrastructure in a quick and efficient way and presented as a viable approach to managing the funding allocated to Italy across the Next Generation EU agreement.
An abridged version of the report was also aired on RSI News.

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