The new Erzelli railway station takes shape

Works are underway along Via Siffredi, designated site for the construction of the new Erzelli Station: much more than a railway station, an integrated mobility hub offering fast connections direct from the city centre to the International Airport and the Genoa Research & Advanced Technology Campus on the Erzelli Hill.

In November construction works kicked off on the new Erzelli Station, an important step in the collaboration between the Western Ligurian Sea Port Authority and Italian Railways Network (RFI) which have joined forces to design and build a multimodal interchange hub to serve the city, the port and the airport of Genoa. In fact, the installation in September of the new viaduct deck, the single-span Pionieri e Aviatori d'Italia Viaduct located between Cornigliano and Sestri Ponente, has freed up the area across Via Siffredi and the Genoa-Ventimiglia railway line, designated site for the integrated mobility hub, which will be equipped with an automated people mover connected to the airport and a funicular connected to Erzelli Hill. This prime site, today headquarters of Italy's leading Technology and Science Park, is due to accommodate Genoa's new state-of-the-art hospital and the Department of Engineering of the University of Genoa.

The Erzelli/Airport Station features amongst a range of new rail infrastructure planned in Genoa to upgrade rail services for both passengers and cargo which moves overland to/from the port. In fact, the new Genoa Railway Hub is designed to prevent the creation of bottlenecks along the line by separating freight and long haul passenger trains from urban and regional trains.

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Interviews given by Giuseppe Bonomi, Managing Director Genova High Tech; Matteo Campora, Local Councillor for Mobility City of Genoa; Alessandro Carrà, Project Manager Nodo di Genova Italferr; Fabio De Barbieri, Genoa Projects Manager RFI Francesca Pino, Civil and Rail Engineering Works Manager Port Authority; Piero Righi, Director General Genova City Airport.