Genoa ship repair yard: drydock overhaul kicks off

The repair and new building sector in the Port of Genoa is performing strongly and looks to the future. A byword for excellence within the Italian shipping industry and now set to be refurbished and expanded, with the simultaneous reduction in the impact of yard activities on the city.

The extensive redevelopment of the Genoa-based repair yard foresees an overhaul of existing docks 4 and 5 and an extension of the “ex-mega dock”. Competitive services and bespoke solutions are the watchwords in Genoa as the port’s thriving historic shipyards move into the new year, boosted by strong demand and an impressive orderbook. The industry, which generates high value added activities for the local economy and employs over 3000 workers directly, will capitalise upon a new layout geared to catering for the specific requirements tailored to the market more efficiently and more sustainably.

On-site structural engineering tests and studies are currently in progress, in collaboration with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, for the protection of drydock 4, an outstanding example of industrial architecture. Upon completion of the analysis, works will commence on the expansion of the docks and the construction of a connecting yard between 4 and 5, aimed at optimising the use of handling equipment and vehicles during repair, maintenance and refurbishment works.

To keep up with vessel upsizing, further plans call for the extension of the “ex-mega dock” by approximately 30 metres. Vessel navigation simulations are underway, in cooperation with the Genoa Coastguards, Pilots and Tugboat and Mooring Services, to ensure that vessel accessibility and navigation continue in full safety along the new mega-drydock. In addition, to cut costs and promote port sustainability, the proposal includes the redeployment of the segment of the quay demolished at the adjacent Calata Olii Minerali in the extension of the “ex-mega dock”.

More information: Watch the VIDEO, with the participation of Mauro Vianello, President of Ente Bacini, and Caterina Vincenzi, Maritime and Civil Engineering Works Manager of the Port Authority.