Visit Palazzo San Giorgio. Information about scheduled guided tours

Palazzo San Giorgio, built-in 1260 as the first public building in Genoa and since 1903 the first seat of the Autonomous Consortium of the Port, and then of the Port Authority of Genoa and now of the Western Ligurian Sea System Authority, is open to the public one Saturday a month with guided tours by volunteers from the FAI Genoa Delegation.

The guided tours will start in the atrium of the Palazzo (via della Mercanzia 12) at 10 am and 11 am. Reservations are required and can be made over the phone at 333 7781977 or by email at

Regarding requests for guided tours of Palazzo San Giorgio for groups, delegations, etc., please contact the Public Relations Office directly at the following email address  or at the phone at 010 2412 330.